Customer Comfort

Renovating your home can either be the exciting, fulfilling and satisfying experience that you have every right to expect, or it can be fraught with difficulties and contractor management horror stories that you have heard about from your friends and neighbors. You may even have your own unpleasant experiences that linger in your mind, unwilling to go away, reminding you to be very careful.

Either way, our job here at Sudbury Stone and Tile is not just providing amazing quality Stone and Tile products for you to choose from, it is giving you an amazing customer experience from the time you walk in the door. Helping to make the correct stone and/or tile choice for you, and flawlessly installing your choice so the only word you are left with is “wow” forms the cornerstone of our service philosophy.

We call this process we have created “Customer Comfort.”

We want you to feel comfortable before your installation by helping you make selections and narrow down the range of choices to a bare minimum. It is quite possible that we have already worked together on your kitchen and bath design, and are already familiar with your particular color palette. Working through this process together makes it easier to allow you to experience pre-installation Customer Comfort.

The next phase is the actual installation of your granite counter top, or marble tile floor. The first thing you will notice is that we have planned your installation to such a precise degree that there is no time gap when moving from one phase to another. We do not make you wait for tile to come in. We will have it when we say it will be here. The next thing you will notice is that our craftsmen show up on time and stay until the job is complete, cleaning up after themselves every day so that you do not have a mess to deal with. Installation customer comfort is the key to our success.

Finally, you will notice that the installation itself is remarkable. You will know that you have made the right choice in Sudbury Stone and Tile. You can look long and far, but you will not find the level of craftsmanship, talent and commitment to quality anywhere else that you will find at Sudbury Stone and Tile. Leaving you with post-installation Customer Comfort is the best way for us to ensure that you will tell your neighbors and friends about us. And we love referrals. We have a wide selection of back splash tile for people to choose from and floor tile for all of our kitchen projects. And we have an entire selection of tiles that are more specific to bath remodeling, many of which are on display right here in our Sudbury Design center.

We have tiles for hallways and foyers. There are 2 full lines of natural stone – granites, marbles, slates, in the natural material.
We also have everything from custom hand painted tiles to hand glazed tiles to more of a manufactured larger tile, both imported and domestic.

The other idea behind us having the tile is that when people go to a regular tile store they are very often overwhelmed. There is just too much, too many choices. And they have a difficult time making their decision.

So we have already worked with the customer to get a sense of their taste and their color palette. We will present them with 4 or 5 options so we help them narrow it down instead of being scattered and looking at 200 to 300 selections for a long time. We present them with smaller selections because we know, through a combination of our experience and their palette that we will find exactly what the customer wants without stress.