Exterior Work

Very often, the whole house renovation concept and the interrelation of the companies that comprise The Sudbury Companies, bring us opportunities to provide landscape design and implementation for many of our customers. It seems that when someone begins the process of beautifying the inside of the home, they naturally turn their gaze outward. For many customers it is about maintaining a balance.

Most of us have had the experience of noticing how badly in need of paint a particular room is, only because we had just applied two new coats of paint to a connecting room. Whole house renovation is a very similar dynamic, and Sudbury Stone & Tile is a very important component part of the whole house renovation services provided by The Sudbury Companies.

Our exterior work consists of installing retaining walls, stone walkways and patios; waterfalls, fountains, fish ponds and driveways. We are committed to improving the living experience of your property, making it aesthetically pleasing, functional and useable outside as well as inside. We have done installation of sports courts, as well as a patio and walkways that lead to the court.

One of the more interesting new trends is that of installing an exterior kitchen. We are able to build grilles, refrigerators, sinks, stoves and storage space right into exterior stone walls. The appliances are stainless steel and will not rust. Installation of an exterior kitchen definitely adds value to the bottom line of any home.

Ask yourself: What is it that I would like to see when I come home from a long day at work? What is the effect I would like to have on my family members and friends when they come for a visit? What do I want my neighbors to think of me? When you finish asking yourself these important questions, walk outside and determine if what currently exists provides a “yes” answer to those questions.

If not, many of our customers can recommend that you call The Sudbury Companies and Sudbury Stone & Tile at 978-443-8288. Or, simply fill out the contact form on this page and send it in. We look forward to hearing from you.