Stone and Tile

Donna and I opened Sudbury Kitchen and Bath after we discovered the existence of a gap in the home remodeling business for the Greater Sudbury area. After many years of continued growth, we found ourselves working with customers who did not want to completely renovate their kitchens. Many people simply wanted to replace their counters and backsplashes, but they wanted to do so in a very upscale manner. This demand for additional services was the genesis of Sudbury Stone & Tile.

At the beginning, many customers wanted control over the selection process regarding the stone (or other materials) used for the countertops and back splashes. They spent hours, wending their way from one vendor to the next, looking for the perfect color and finish. Customers purchased the materials for their projects according to measurements and specifications detailed in the design plans. But many people found that it just did not work out the way they had anticipated.

Our customers were routinely told by the vendors that the products would arrive in 3 weeks, but it ended up being more like 5 or 6 weeks. There were many occasions that we would begin the renovation, only to find out that the stone or tile would not arrive for close to 3 months. Needless to say, this was very frustrating for our customers who were so excited at the start of the project but also looking forward to seeing the completion of their project in the projected time frame. It also placed a tremendous burden on us because much of the prep work had already been done and the waiting would invariably cause us to experience some interesting scheduling problems.

In order to reduce the stress and frustration created by late deliveries from vendors we made the decision to control the stone and tile process by carrying our own line of natural stones and tile. Today, when we spec out the materials prior to beginning a project, we take the time to verify whether or not the customer’s choice is in stock. If it is not, we determine exactly how long it will take before it is available. If something is going to take too much time, we simply move to another vendor, and keep doing so until we find someone who has what we want in stock. This ensures that we can accurately schedule our customer’s remodeling project so that there are no interruptions once the work begins.

The old adage “necessity is the mother of invention” is certainly true for Sudbury Stone & Tile which was formed to improve efficiency in production, reduce the anxiety experienced by all remodelers in order to make the renovation process a pleasurable one for our customers.

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